Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sleep in Mariposa. Wake up in Yosemite.

After a wonderful array of shooting stars on Sunday, I thought it would be awesome to drive out near Mariposa to stargaze the next night. I brought Cait, and we ended up driving out around midnight and finally stopped in Mariposa around 2AM. We slept in the car, and planned to explore the small town of Midpines in the morning. We woke up at 5:30, and I drove past Midpines into Yosemite. Cait was asleep during the drive, so she got to wake up to a beautiful landscape of snowy trees and epic rocks.

 Because we had no intentions of going to Yosemite (initially), Cait and I didn't wear snow-related clothing. We used some super soft blankets as cloaks while we explored the snow-laden territory of Yosemite. After a couple minutes, we'd run into the car to heat our hands up again, then take more photos.

I really wanted to get some cool portraits in Yosemite, so I focused on taking pictures of Cait in addition to the landscape.

Because it's finals week, we left early. Cait and I got back to Merced at around 9AM. I'd definitely do this again, but I might have to wait until next semester to visit Yosemite again.

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