Sunday, January 17, 2016

End of Winter Break

I've had a super eventful winter break! I've gone to the beaches, mountains, forests, and deserts and have documented it all. Below is a list of links (oldest to most recent) that contain some of the photos from the past month.

Oceans & Beaches
Sunrise at Fairview Park
Top of the World
Little Corona del Mar
Cleveland National Forest 2016
Quick Trip to the Snow (Mt. Baldy)
Forest Home Wintercamp 2016: Week 1
Day Trip to Joshua Tree
Huntington Beach Surf
Forest Home Wintercamp 2016: Week 2

Recently, I've gotten a lot of encouragement and a lot of criticism on my photography. There are people that tell me to stop taking photography so seriously because there are so many other photographers out there (while showing me photos of over-saturated, excessively-photoshopped sunsets). There are also people that tell me to begin a profession in photography and figure out how to make money from what I'm doing. I've had people tell me that my style isn't colorful enough, and that I need to photoshop each photo to perfection if I want to make any money from photography. I've had people react to my photos without words, but only positive facial expressions. People who say that their life is slightly more adventurous after I show them photos from a recent hike.

My reaction is to simply keep moving forward. I'm saving up for a full-frame camera and am trying to wake up for more sunrises. I'm slowly figuring out a few consistent editing styles, and am learning how to convey specific emotions through color tones and shapes. But ultimately, my goal is to glorify God through each photo that I take, and help people realize the splendor of His creation.

Monday, January 4, 2016

End of 2015/Beginning of 2016

I've taken so many photos recently, but haven't uploaded any of them. So here they are, from most recent to oldest.