Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Friends

Because I normally carry my camera with me, I usually take spontaneous pictures of my friends. We were all hiding in the house, so I decided to drag a couple people outside and take photos of them. Here's a quick, casual golden-hour photoshoot:

My secret to making people laugh is to tell them that I don't have any jokes. Usually after I continue to take pictures in complete silence, the subject begins to laugh because of how awkward the moment is.

Getting three people to do a "hipster hop" at the same time requires a lot more effort just telling the subject to jump. It may require 50 or 60 unsuccessful shots because someone forgot to jump at the right time.


Photos of friends are a great way to practice portrait photography. It allows you to have fun and experiment with different styles of shooting and editing. So go out there and practice taking photos of everyone you know.

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